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1. Can I contact you ?
Of course you can. The preferred form of contact is via email at, and then via telephone on +48 609 729 929. Do bear in mind that our office is open from 9:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. Polish time.

2.How long will I have to wait for the delivery ?
All items are sent directly from Warsaw. Goods are dispatched within 24 hours from realisation of the order in the case of purchase from the online store; items ordered through the subpage „Order chopsticks for your event" are delivered within 5 working days from the realisation of the order. The usual delivery times are given below:


UPS, TNT, FEDEX courrier : 2-4 days

National Post Service :

UK : 3 – 6 working days
Austria : 3 – 8 working days
Germany : 2 – 4 working days
Czech Republic : 3 – 5 working days
Denmark: – 7 working days
France: 3 – 5 working days
Spain: 4 – 7 working days
Italy : 3 – 7 working days

3. Do you add VAT to your prices?
Yes, we add 23% of VAT to our prices, but if you are company you can buy our products without VAT. Please contact us personally in this matter.


4. What is laser engraving ?
Laser engraving is a very durable method of marking objects. It does not involve use of paints, which means it is fully ecological. Your text will be burnt on the surface of the chopstick, which makes it durable and accurate. Characters engraved on the wooden chopstick look darker against the lighter background. Characters engraved on the stainless steel chopsticks are black and sharply contrast with the metallic surface.


5. You don’t know what to engrave on your chopsticks ?
Have a look at our suggestions, you might find them inspirational!


6. Can I engrave a text in a foreign language ?
Our creator recognises many languages, including Chinese and Japanese. If you still have problems entering your text, contact us.


7. Can I engrave my own graphic symbol ?
It is possible, but there is an extra charge. However, not all graphic symbols are suitable for laser engraving. Please send your graphic symbol to our email address and we will inform you whether it is possible to engrave it on chopsticks.


8. Do you offer other fonts ?
The creator uses four basic fonts: Times New Roman, Book Antiqua, Monotype Corsiva and Comic Sans. If you want to use a different font, contact us and give us their name. If we do not have it among our fonts, we will ask you to send it via email.


9. Can you colour-fill my engraving ?
Unfortunately this can’t be done. There are methods that allow colour-filling the engraving, but the paint used is not a food contact material and cannot be applied on chopsticks.


10. Do you spellcheck my text ?
We take no responsibility for spelling or punctuation errors in the texts sent to be engraved. We do not check the texts for spelling, punctuation or grammar errors. Please make sure your text is correct before you place an order.


11. Can I change the text after placing my order ?
Unfortunately it is not possible to change the text after placing an order. Please think carefully before you enter the text.


12. Why can’t I return the goods without giving any reasons? 
Chopsticks ordered through the subpage "Design chopsticks for Your event" are engraved on individual order.  For that reason the client cannot return them without giving any reasons.


13. Do the chopsticks come with packaging?
We offer the following three types of packaging:
Standard packaging -  a small plastic bag with an inserted printed decorative tag- included in the price of the chopsticks.
Textile packaging –  a textile bag made of high quality structural cotton with a decorative wooden bead.
A packaging box -  a decorative hand-made box filled with sponge.